amath  1.8.5
Simple command line calculator
Simple command line calculator


A mathematical calculator capable of evaluating arithmetic expressions. Main features include:

  • Case sensitive command line interface
  • Native IEEE 754 with 15 significant digits
  • Calculations with real and complex numbers
  • Variables and user defined functions
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions
  • Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
  • Mathematical constants and rounding functions
  • Disk functions to load, save and view content
  • Comprehensive and easy to use built-in help
  • Freely distributable sources (BSD License)


Install by copying the desired amath binary to C: or any other appropriate location.


amath supply 50 Statements and functions combined with 7 arithmetic operators:

    +     Mathematical addition
    -     Mathematical subtraction
    *     Mathematical multiplication
    /     Mathematical division
    ^     Mathematical exponentiation
    =     Assignment of variable values
    |     Absolute value of number

Do a calculation in shell (CLI mode):

amath 1.2+1.4

Get an interactive promt in shell:

amath shell

Show version string:

amath version

Open amath in its own window:



amath is open source. The main repository is located at gitlab:


Haiku OS:
Mac OS X and Linux:
NetBSD: and


A full Release history is available for amath.