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aexs.c File Reference

Inverse excosecant function. More...

#include "prim.h"
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double aexs (double x)
 Inverse exsecant function. More...

Detailed Description

Inverse excosecant function.

Inverse exsecant function.

Definition in file aexs.c.

Function Documentation

◆ aexs()

double aexs ( double  x)

Inverse exsecant function.

    aexsec(x) = arcsec(x+1)
              = arccos(1/(x+1))
              = arctan(sqrt(x^2+2*X))

Definition at line 47 of file aexs.c.

References atan(), and sqrt().

Referenced by RealNumber::ArcExSecant().

48 {
49  double a, b, c;
51  if (x > -2.0 && x < 0.0)
52  return NAN;
54  a = x * x + 2 * x;
55  b = sqrt(a);
56  c = atan(b);
57  return c;
58 }
double atan(double x)
Inverse tangent function.
Definition: atan.c:103
#define NAN
Definition: mathr.h:53
double sqrt(double x)
Square root function.
Definition: sqrt.c:119
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