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ahvc.c File Reference

Inverse haversed cosine. More...

#include "prim.h"
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double ahvc (double x)
 Inverse haversed cosine. More...

Detailed Description

Inverse haversed cosine.

Definition in file ahvc.c.

Function Documentation

◆ ahvc()

double ahvc ( double  x)

Inverse haversed cosine.

Definition at line 40 of file ahvc.c.

References acos(), and sqrt().

Referenced by RealNumber::ArcHaVerCosine().

41 {
42  double a = sqrt(x);
43  double b = acos(a);
44  double c = 2.0 * b;
45  return c;
46 }
double acos(double x)
Inverse cosine function.
Definition: acos.c:92
double sqrt(double x)
Square root function.
Definition: sqrt.c:119
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